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Our Mailing Program

Helps You Stay In Touch With Your Members

Envelopes Made Easy

We know how busy you and your staff are. That’s why at Cokesbury, we go the extra mile to make your job easier! A Mailing Program is a great way to increase contributions but it’s much more than that; it also engages your members, improves your efficiency, and provides reporting, all while reducing the workload of your staff. Learn more about how we simplify your giving and why our program is a cut above the rest!


Contribution Reporting

Contribution statements are an important administrative task for every church, as they keep your members informed and are essential for tax season. At Cokesbury, this is something we handle for you! As part of your Mailing Program, we send contribution reporting to every member receiving envelopes, that keeps them updated on their giving history. Our reporting saves you time at the end of the year, reduces reporting expenses and can even lead to an increase in giving!

















Online File Manager

In order to maximize the efficiency of your envelope system, its important to keep your member list updated. This ensures that everyone is getting envelopes and that none are going to waste. But constantly calling and making changes with your provider can be a tedious and time-consuming process. That’s why we’ve created Online File Manager, an exclusive program for mailing customers that simplifies the data management process. OFM can be accessed right from our website and is the fastest way to add or delete members, update information, upload and download member files, and more! Plus, all updates are made in real time, and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Your Own Concierge

To Help You Along The Way.

At Cokesbury, providing the best experience for our customers is our top priority. That’s why every mailing customer gets assigned a Mailing Service Concierge devoted to their account. Rather than a call center or support line, each customer gets a specific person they know and trust. Your Concierge is the source for any changes that need made to your order or account, and to assist you with any needs you may have.


Your concierge is devoted to both growing your stewardship, and growing your relationship with Cokesbury.


Cokesbury Photos (5).jpg
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